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This company dealing with chemical cleaning and cleaning service equipment such as floor polisher, vacuum cleaner ,extractor carpet, vacuum extractor, blower carpet, scrubber, sweeper,    Chemical cleaning service such as : hand soap,  degreser oil , shampoo carpet, lobby oil tion, floor cleaner .bowl cleaner, etc.  Janatorial such as Troly, sigle bucket,  sign floor,  dan Pest Control,  we also give you change to trade your old machine with new one.

We wiil give you ,  our best products and services  to support your business .  


extraktor carpetsFor most people selecting commercial cleaning equipment is definitely not the most exciting decision they’ll ever make; but buying the right cleaning equipment is important for achieving better cleaning results in shorter times and for less money. cleaning equipment that is highly effectiveand efficient.

Generally, the most common piece of cleaning equipment is the old mop and bucket which has been used for cleaning hard surfaces for approximately 3000 years. However, the traditional mopping process of reapplying floors with dirty chemical laden water is quickly becoming outdated, especially in commercial environments. Instead try alternative modern cleaning equipment such as floor scrubber. Both of these modern pieces of cleaning equipment are low water usage and chemical free cleaning systems that do not recycle dirty water back onto the floor ensuring a much better clean. Although these systems are initially more expensive than traditional methods, they quickly pay for themselves with better results and savings on time, and chemicals

Another common and highly important piece of cleaning equipment is the vacuum cleaner. Choosing a quality vacuum cleaner is crucial when you consider the amount of dust that accumulates on floors and carpet
If your business or position requires regular carpet cleaning there are many things to consider when purchasing carpet cleaning equipment. Firstly the vacuum is most important piece of equipment. Having the right vacuum cleaner will reduce the need for periodical machine washing or hiring professional carpet cleaners. When choosing a carpet vacuum always choose a product that has a motorized power-head or beater and a HEPA filtration system. If you’re purchasing for large area commercial use an upright machine is best as they largely reduce cleaning time and physical strain on the back and shoulders.
Secondly you may require carpet cleaning equipment to periodically wash your carpet. If so, there are various machines on the market that you may consider such as carpet auto scrubbers, shampooers, dry steamers and hot water extractors. When choosing a carpet cleaning equipment ensure the style of machine is suited to your carpet fabric or matches the various types of carpet you clean frequently. Also consider aspects such as machine size, transportability, ease of operation, water use, chemical use, noise and of course price.  


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